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Last update: March 26 2012  

March 26

Decided to steam the ends of the two stringers closest to the keelsom as I wanted them to lie flatter along the boat line. Unfortunately I did not have enough room at the end of the garage to steam much of the length because the garage wall got in the way.

After about 10 minutes the wood was soft and twisted easily.


March 21

Steamed yet more ribs. I have bent 16 ribs and cracked 3 to date.


The ribs are steamed about 5 minutes. I then take the rib out of the steam pipe and hand bend it while walking towards the boat. The rib is placed over the top 3 stringers and under the other stringers somewhere along the boat. The rib is bent and held in place with clamps.

After the wood has cooled down, I take the rib off and then insert it again underneath all the stringers and hold it in place with cable ties.



March 20

Steamed and bent 6 ribs this afternoon.

The 7th attempt cracked and I decided that was enough for today



March 20

Set up the steam box this afternoon. ie a kettle, a camping hot plate and a piece of plastic downpipe.

Each rib was steamed for about 5 minutes and then bent by hand and placed on the boat.























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